Analyisis of Character and Performance from a scene in 'Cutting It'

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Analysis of 2 Tv Dramas Explaining there Mise-En-Scene In Two Short Extracts

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Mise-en scene means what you see on the screen and the meaning of why it is used.

Extract starting at 04:33 - 07:00 mins

All the main characters in this extract are in there teens. The way that they dress shows there personality and what type of person they are. Most the girls are dressed rather ' slutish' this shows that they are not afraid of showing off, and are asking for 'it' . The guys are dress urban but dosn't say alot for them like they are a waste of space. The location is at a collage, the teachers act like they are scared of what will become of the teens although they try to look like they are in charge but in fact the teens look like they are more in control of them as they play a more leading role than the adults.
Emily - she dresses like she dosn't care much about herself and covers up unlike her twin sister. Her facial expressions shows how she feels e.g when she stands in the crowd and her sister telling her to come, she looks like she's in her own world and dosn't want to be there.
Effy - She dresses like she cares about her self image but wants to show off for her boyfriend and everyone else, also she acts really flirtatious and wants sex. She acts like shes it and the most popular out of her and her twin sister. E.g 4:31, she acts like shes popular and wants to be centre of attention and exatrurates. Her facial expressions shows that she's proud of her self and thinks she can get what she wants all the time.
JJ - he acts like he wants to be someone but really isn't eg. 5:54 he acts like he can outsmart his friends buit they always find a way to make him look stupid . His facial expressions show that he likes it when someone notices him.
Freddie - He looks out for the girls and notices when they look at people and isn't a very good friend as he picks on JJ alot like at 5: 54. He wants to be better than his friends.

Extract 06:48 - 08:10

From this extract the actors dress like they come from a middle class family. It is a set in two locations, one after the other. The first loction you see in this small extract is outside a resturant, this could mean that, they wanna be rich although the guy that she is with does dodgy deals with the customers. This could also mean that they have to do illeagal things to survive. As it is based around everyday issues. The clothes say alot for the characters, the woman looks 'chav' and looks like she has come from a bad background and has had a rough life. The young guy dresses smartly like he wants to impress and that he isn't a bad person. When they get back to the womans place they meet the rather, who looks like a drunk and doesn't know what he is saying half the time. In the second loaction of this scene in looks like it is set in a flat, which also shows the rough background. and could also be set on a rough neighbourhood were there are all sorts of bad issues that happen.
The woman looks like she has had a bad life that its been unfair on her but she tries to get through it. Her clothes aren't fashionable like she can't afford decent clothes. she wears alot of jewerlly to try and make up her status in society. They also tell me that she tries in everything she does, she tries to look good, she tries to be a good person etc. Her facial expressions express alot about her about how she feels about the situation how she feels.Like at 07:34 she looks like she didnt want her dad to be there and also shes pleased she didt get court doing anything else.
The father dosn't look like he cares much about how he looks or how he acts about anything. His facial expressions shows that he likes to joke but can also have seriousness and that he dosnt try that hard to have an actuall decent life because of the surroundings he lives in.

Short Analyisis Of 4 TV Dramas

  • This drama is about older teens experiencing everyday situations being reall big or small issues that may have an effect on living a normal life. Some of the storylines have included :- Drug addiction, Murders, Arson, Bisexuality and loads more.
  • The charaters mainly focus on teenagers, students and young adults. There have been many main characters over the years.
  • The drama is set at a fictional suburb in chester.
  • This is a long running soup opera, with mutiples of storylines.

  • This drama is about teens also, experiencing all sorts of issues such as homosexuality, dysfunctional families, drug abuse, autism, sexual abuse and many more issues that teens may go through everyday.
  • There have been two sets of main characters involved with Skins, there is the fist generation which in cluded :- Tony Stonem, Michelle Richardson, Sid Jenkins, Cassie Ainsworth, Chris Miles, Jal Fazer, Maxxie Oliver, Anwar Kharral, Sketch, Effy Stonem. These all casted in the first - secondseries of skins. The second generation appear in the third series These main characters include :- Effy and Pandora from the first series all the rest are new charaters which are Thomas Tomone, Kate Fitch & Emily Fitch, Noamie Campbell, James Cook, Freddie Mclair and JJ Jones.
  • This is set in Bristol were the setting are actual places such as the cafe and diner.
  • This is a series, as it involves regular location and charaters through the episodes of this drama.

  • Eastenders has been a long running soap opera dor many years and still continous to be. It is built around the idea of relationships and strong families, with each character having a place within the community.
  • The soap contains many characters and all have a main part to play, the soap contains families such as :_ The Fowlers, Beale, Watts, Mitchell, Branning, Jacksons, Fox, Masoods and the Slaters. 
  • The soap is situated in East London in a fictional place called Walford, worked around Albert Square.
  • This has has 3861 episodes and is long running, it has 3 episodes shown a week.

  • This is a science fictional drama, it is situated on a fictional institute called Torchwood, who mainly deals with incidents involving Extraterrestrials.
  • The main characters are Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato and Ianto Jones.
  • It is set in Cardiff because it has a modern and urban look which is perfect for this.
  • This was a long running drama untill it got discontinued a but has had a 5 days story line.